We love mapping!

Surveying & Field engineering related services and GIS



In using GIS routinely as part of our analysis we acquired with our partners the technical expertise to conduct the design, implementation and deployment of complex geographical information systems (GIS). We also provide additional consultancy services in connection with GIS such as data acquisition (incl. EOS and LIDAR) and digitalization of field measurements.

We can provide the following services:

  • GIS databases (incl. data acquisition & digitalisation)
  • Web based GIS systems
  • Lisp (Autocad) applications
  • Navigation GIS databases (TopMap)

We are at our best when dealing with large amounts of data pertaining to complex geographical objects. We  provide  our clients with critical support in decision-making, whenever the question of how data should be organised in the most efficient and consistent way arises.
Combined with our treatment capabilities, we can engage in fast, systemic processing of data into comprehensive models and maps to deliver dependable solutions.

The cooperation between our expert teams has existed for many years. We therefore interact seamlessly together to deliver superior solutions at highly competitive prices.

We use open source environments (OpenGeo) such as Mapserver, Gdal, Openlayers, Postgres etc. Web-based GIS systems are dealt with in relation to the following technologies: PHP, ASP, .NET, Javascript, Ajax, Lisp for AutoCad and FOSS4G applications.

As part of a consortium together with ViaMap and Intergraph RSP, our partners deployed a GIS solution for municipalities (councils) in Hungary. The databases are deemed to be the best of their client  in Central and Eastern Europe.



We benefit from the expertise of two experienced civil engineers to perform relevant works for a variety of clients needs such as:


  • Classical surveying and high precision mapping
  • Terrain models
  • Building & facades etc..
  • Civil Engineering related geodesic tasks
  • Photomodelling


Our engineer’s AutoCad programming (LISP) experience allow us to take on civil engineering tasks (road design mapping, buildings, structure)  up to GIS related data acquisition tasks.
We are also capable of conducting a close photogrammetry operations which enable the design of real 3D and photo realistic building surveying.
The synergy of our branches enables us to create and install quality and personalised geodesic monitoring system which in endangered zones (monuments buildings, reservoir dams) can save property and human life.



We possess professional Leica Instruments, high precision Leica and Trimble Total stations as well as GNSS capable high precison GPS receivers.
We always seek the most efficient way in our work. We work closely with the  Client’s team  to ensure  best outcome reached.